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The Citizen’s Assembly is looking for input from members of the general public on how best to change our drug laws.

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Crainn’s Guide to Submissions:

Step 1: Introduce Yourself:

What is your occupation, why are you writing this? [Doesn’t have to be too detailed, you can simply just be interested, however personal anecdotes may help you connect with the 99 members].

Step 2: Identify a Problem

What is the problem with Ireland’s drug policy that bothers you the most? Clearly pinpoint this and state it clearly.

Step 3: Give a Solution You Would Like to See

Now, clearly state what you believe the solution to this problem is. If you know of other countries that have taken similar action, state this, and state that it has worked.

Sample Submission:

Below is a sample submission, the numbered indicators are included in this sample to help show the different steps involved in making a submission.

“Dear Citizens’ Assembly,

(1) Introduce Yourself: I am currently a student at TCD Ireland, in my third year of Biochemical Science, with the hopes of progressing into a Master’s degree.

(2) Identify a Problem: I am writing to express my concern over the current problem of contaminated drugs in Ireland. This problem particularly affects students in my college, and I have seen the harms of this first hand. While it was great to see Electric Picnic launch their drug-testing facilities, more needs to be done.

(3) Give a Solution You Would Like to See: I strongly believe that Ireland should begin to put more emphasis on drug-testing facilities, including a number of fixed sites around the country that are not limited to festivals, available only to a small number of people.

Places such as Wales and New Zealand have begun to roll out more fixed drug-testing facilities, which helps save lives and allows the government to stay on top of alarming drug trends.

I hope you consider my submission, and wish you the best of luck in your deliberations.

Yours sincerely,

Jess O’Connor”

Extra Guidance:

Short and simple submissions work best, however you are free to produce more detailed ones.

Make sure to ensure you are operating in line with the Citizens’ Assemblies terms and conditions found here.

Don’t be afraid to make a submission more personal, if you have a personal story or experience, you should write this down and submit it.

Encourage your friends and family who may be interested in seeing change to make their own submission. The more submissions, the better.

You can reach out to us directly via email to

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