What is Crainn?

Crainn is Ireland’s largest cannabis community with over 30,000 members across the network. We aim to educate on all things cannabis in Ireland and beyond. Sign up to our monthly newsletter to stay informed on all things Crainn!

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Our Pillars


We intend on ending the stigma associated with cannabis use in Ireland. Our mission is to ensure cannabis can be viewed as more than an illicit substance. Fact-based conversations need to be held about the use of cannabis as a medicine and the misinformation regarding the same disproven.


Crainn aims to combat misinformation around cannabis. We promise to provide clear, concise, and unbiased information on cannabis. We also aim to educate about the plants’ rich history and the cost prohibition has incurred on our society as a whole.


We want to give our community the best representation possible. We want everyone to have their voice heard on this topic. That starts here and now – with Crainn. 

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